I’ve moved to the great city of Portland (45 minutes south of Bath) and have been preoccupied with new life here. I’ve also been taking advantage of a fun opportunity, getting paid to learn to sail on a boat in Kennebunkport. Suffice to say, heraldry has been less of a priority. Nonetheless, I have managed to practice some new art.

I haven’t seriously illustrated (except on a computer) since high school. I’ve been practicing with pen and ink and these are my recent exercises.

  1. “Family Crest” … this is a hatching of my grandfather’s crest, but I accidentally drew the diagonals on the torse the wrong direction.

  1. “Hammond Armorial Achievement” … the full coat of arms of my grandfather. In this case I decided to use a coil of rope in lieu of mantling to give the design a nautical feel.


  1. “Simple CoA” … my own coat of arms differenced with an escallop vert and also a different tincture for the torse.


  1. “Fictitious seal of the American Heraldry Society” … for fun I decided to draw a fictitious seal for the American Heraldry Society based on the seal for the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.