arms_bathA common pass time for us heraldry enthusiasts is the conceptualizing and rendering of fictional heraldry. I call the game, “If BLANK had a coat of arms….” In this case, fellow artist on Facebook, Paul Johnson, took the time to create a municipal coat of arms for the City of Bath, Maine based on its flag.

An osprey and bald eagle were chosen as supporters because they are both prominent birds of prey in the area. Anyone from Bath can vouch for that and will likely know exactly what you’re talking about if you mention the “osprey nest on the highway.”

City Hall makes a fine architectural crest. Whether it was intentional or not, the blue and white mantling will tickle the soul of any blue-blooded Morse High School graduate. “The Union” is the city’s actual motto on the current city seal. And speaking of seals. Paul went a step further and illustrated some potential replacements.


I had some artistic inspiration myself, this weekend. Another Facebook member who I am acquainted with because of our shared interest in heraldry has self-stylized himself as Orleans Herald of the Heraldry Society of Louisiana. He recently posted his conceptualization of arms of office and as a student of French and a fan of my home state of Maine, I felt compelled to represent my own Franco-American home with a similar fictional office. Je vous présente le bureau du Héraut Acadia.



Besides the obvious allusion to the French arms, the base features a gold star taken from the very real Acadian tri-color flag which you can see flying in several towns in Maine – mostly in Aroostook County.